My first art auction

PhotobucketI bought my first piece of art! It’s not just any piece either, it is a painting by a Hispanic, female artists, Celia Casarez. I attended an art auction hosted by Plaza de la Raza, a nonprofit organization that provides arts education and serves as an art center and school for visual and performing arts. LAGRANT COMMUNICATIONS was one of the sponsors for the event and I was happy to attend my first art auction.

There were two auctions happening that day: one was a silent auction and the other was a live auction. Looking through the gallery of the silent auction art pieces, it was very interesting to see the many different works by Hispanic artists. I was very proud to see not only the beautiful artwork, but was very happy to meet many of the artists as well. Getting toward the last set of pieces in the gallery, one caught my attention right away. This particular painting is titled, La Virgen (The Virgin Mary, pictured above). Growing up catholic, I have always been fond of religious pieces and when I laid my eyes on this piece, I was touched by it and had to have it! So I placed my bid and continued to the live auction. After placing my bid, I had the pleasure of meeting the artist and was even more determined to own the painting.

A few minutes after the live auction ended, the silent auction would also be done. I rushed over to secure my bid and saw that I had been out-bid. I quickly then out-bid that person, who was standing right next to the painting as well. We began chatting with each other and discussing why we each had to have the painting. Finally, she stopped trying to convince me and said she would stop bidding. Success! I walked away feeling quite triumphant that, not only had I won the painting, but I was able to convince the other bidder, why it should be mine. Overall, the experience was a fun and quite educational. This painting is just the first piece of my new art collection.

PhotobucketPictured L-R: GBR, Plaza de la Raza Executive Director Rose Marie Cano and E

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