No Sand Involved

How could I have forgotten?  How could I have let it slip my mind?  Well it did and I paid the consequences this Saturday.  Instead of going to the beach for my walk, I fought the crowds at the mall looking for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift.  And don’t tell me I had all day Saturday.  My family celebrates Mother’s Day on May 10.  So needless to say I’m calling my voyage through the mall my exercise for Saturday.  Did I sweat?  No.  Did I bend down, stretch, reach, hop a little (I’m short) to get to various items.  Yes I did.  All for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.  But wait.  Last week was not all a lost cause.  To add to my exercise routine, the elevator in the parking structure where my co-workers and I park has been out for I don’t know how many weeks.  So every day after work, heels or flats, I make my way to the 5th floor via the stairway.  And let me tell you, it’s not getting any easier.  Did I mention I went dancing last week?  My muscles were hurting the next day!  So although I may have fallen off track remembering Mother’s Day, I stayed on track by being active in other ways beside walking on the beach and getting sand in my shoes, and my car, and my house.   After all it’s all about staying active and having fun!

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