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Ready, Set, Date!

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Sure, it’s the 21st Century and everyone is busy living their Facebook, Twitter or email driven lives. Never mind keeping up with family, friends, work and some philanthropy please! Whew! With all this going on, who’s got time for dating? Enter: Speed Dating!

Yes, as a sucker for new media, nightlife and people, I decided to blog about this innovative form of dating and meeting new and interesting individuals. Of course, since I was going to be writing this, I had to conduct some “field research.” Not wanting to conduct this “research” alone, I was able to rally up some friends and make a fun evening out of the experience. You only live once, right?

It’s Friday night and everyone is ready to get the weekend started. There are a few people in the room waiting to meet their dates. The host explains the rules: women stay seated and the men rotate at the sound of the whistle. And off they go! Each “date” is approximately two to three minutes long and every person wears a number and has a tally sheet with those numbers. You then choose either yes or no with each date and see if there is a match. Unfortunately, there were no matches for me that evening, especially after one date told me he was tired of talking and wanted me to do all the talking. Loser!

Overall, it was a fun night with friends and an interesting story for me to share!

The Harley-Davidson Experience

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

I got the glow...


The day I knew I was going to take the motorcycle riders course was when my dreams of riding a Harley began to be non-stop. After I received my license my dreams became a reality because I was allowed to borrow a motorcycle from Harley-Davidson’s fleet center in Carson. I was so excited that I would be able to ride a Harley because I don’t have enough funds to purchase one. Plus I really needed to practice so I wouldn’t forget all the training I had learned. I really wanted to get on a bike. No, I really needed to get on a bike.

The only thing I had to do now was to wait for them to give me the go ahead or not to pick up a bike. After a few intense days of waiting they finally got back to me saying they had a bike for me and I could pick it up on Wednesday. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a ride to Carson until Thursday, which was probably the worst day to pick up a bike because it was raining the whole day. I didn’t let the rain scare me at all. Maybe it was just the excitement of getting a bike and being able to ride for the first time since the rider’s course two months prior.

So Ana and I drove to Carson and on the way there we were hitting a lot of pockets of heavy rain. I kept thinking to myself I hope this clears up by the time I get the bike.

So we make it to the fleet center, I get on the bike and begin to ride. Let’s just say, by the time hit the freeway it started raining cats and dogs. I missed my exit to get back to the office and ended up taking the 405 all the way to Culver City. By the time I got home I was pouring water out of my shoes and hang drying my pants in the shower.

The first day riding a Harley was intense because of the rain, but the days afterward were an incredible adventure. My overall experience was amazing. I was able to ride the bike to the “The Art of Rebellion” which was at bergamot station in Santa Monica hosted by Harley-Davidson. I was also able to meet a lot of cool people. like the designer of the Iron 883, the bike I would like to buy.

This is my first blog post. Hopefully next time I can have video. Enjoy the slide show.