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Heroes And Villains

Thursday, September 25th, 2008



After many months of waiting, and no thanks to the writer’s strike, the new season of Heroes has finally arrived and it did not disappoint! The season kicked off with a special premiere party and a show recap, followed by the two-hour season premiere. Heroes is showed as a comic book with individual chapters. The new chapter, “Villains,” illustrates how the characters must choose between good and evil.
The overall premise of the show is ordinary people who discover they have extraordinary abilities. These include the ability to fly, telepathy, time travel, self-healing, super strength, invisibility and many more. Their individual powers will work for or against them as they engage in the ultimate fight to save the world.
As the chapters begin, we see that Peter Petrelli comes back from the future in an effort to stop his brother, Nathan, from exposing the truth about these individuals with special abilities. However, in his return, he twists fate and allows Syler to free many of the villains who have been kept in confinement for the safety of others. Syler goes after Claire, who has the ability to heal and we also discover that her abilities are much more powerful than ever. We also discover that Nikki is not dead, but her personality has transformed into that of “Tracy.” Trying to help Maya, Mohinder discovers the genetic composition for gaining such extraordinary abilities and injects himself with the serum, which ultimately goes awry.
This is just the tip of the iceberg as Heroes Creator, Tim Kring, takes viewers on the ultimate journey along with these extraordinary characters in a quest to save the world.