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And the award goes to…

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Hard work. Creativity. Results. We use these words everyday, and it is a great honor to be recognized by industry professionals for work executed on behalf of the firm’s clients. We recently received three new awards, one from the Davey Awards and two from The Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Association. These awards represent our team’s dedication to develop comprehensive, culturally sensitive and relevant campaigns that impact consumers and generate results for our clients. Congratulations to the staff for a job well done.

Working together as a team is always beneficial. It allows us to utilize our collective skills and resources to create award-winning (more…)

My Trip to Florianopolis

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

After 16 hours of flight, three plane changes and traveling to a different hemisphere, landing in Florianópolis, Brazil was absolutely wonderful. Florianópolis is called “Floripa” by the locals and I was quick to dive into a new and exciting culture. Floripa is an island Photobucket located in Southern Brazil and is the capital of Santa Catarina. Coming from Southern California, it was refreshing to see that the weather was very similar. I went as a student taking a course called Global News Media and attended the Universidade Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. Most of the students at the school were quite fluent in English, which proved to be very handy for me and my other classmates. Everyone was so friendly and welcomed me with open arms.

As part of the course, I was able to visit local media outlets, such as newspapers, television stations and radio stations. The journalists were very busy and the ambiance was not any different than in the United States. While visiting one of the radio stations, a few of the radio hosts decided to interview a few of my classmates and myself live on the radio. Along with our poorly rehearsed Portuguese, our Spanish came in very handy.Photobucket

One of the best things about Floripa is the beautiful beaches. The sunsets are indescribable and I was in awe to be able to see the Antarctic Ocean for the first time in my life. My favorite location on the island was a lagoon called Lagoa de Conceicao! There were so many restaurants, shops and the beach was breathtaking. I will never forget my trip to Florianópolis. Each time I tell someone of my trip, it takes me back to all my wonderful memories and experiences. I made life-long friends and I am definitely planning on returning soon!

Feeling Like a Super Model

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

I felt like a super model for a day and while I didn’t expect to hear Tyra Banks announce me as America’s Next Top Model, I certainly felt like a winner. I had the honor of participating in Hispanic Lifestyle’s Latina Conference Fashion Show (click here to view pictures) sponsored by Macy’s. Hispanic Lifestyle sent a call for advocates of nonprofit organizations. I submitted my application and was chosen as a representative of THE LAGRANT FOUNDATION (TLF). (more…)